Glowyfi - Spotify Overlay

Bringing control to you, you will now be able to control Spotify while in game with the option to have the overlay on top. BETA Paticipents only for now, if you are interested in trying out this Overlay contact me via DM @Crossfire51.

Available on Windows only.
  1. Play/Pause, Skip and go back to previous songs.
  2. Live infomation about the song/album/artist you are currently listening to!
  3. Album Art, allowing you to see the album of the current song.
  4. Like this song/artist? Click the track/artist name and get automatically directed to that song within Spotify!
  5. Like the current Album? Click the album art to view it within Spotify!
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Glowyfi Changelog

V3.1: SpotifyAPI is now Global (this should fix the persistant API downtime issue).

V3: SpotifyAPI fix.

v2: SpotifyAPI fixes to reflect Spotify Latest release (

Last updated: September 30, 2017 12:35


Q. How do I access options?

A. RightClick anywhere on the Toolbar.

Q. Do I need Spotify Open before launching the tool?

A. No, the tool automatically detects if it's open or not and provides an alert with a retry option.

Q. How many times can I download?

A. Only once at the moment, when an update releases you will be notified on Twitter (Don't Unfollow, or you will lose access).